What we do


Pay Per Click Management

PPC stands for pay-per-click, which is variety of advertising on Web where you pay after interactions with the ad. Basically, you paying only when you fix every valuable activity a person makes with the ad, for example, clicking on it or sharing. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the most common PPC emerging due to the search results. Such platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing (Yahoo), YouTube, and Twitter are extremely popular in businesses advertising nowadays. With the qualitative setup, PPC is the most convenient source of an appropriate traffic. PPC Campaigns are Measurable, hence, you can always estimate the approximate amount of traffic you get for a particular advertising budget based on keyword research or provided by the platform. Ads are Easy to Analyze and you always know exactly what you get with PPC ads because you have all the data in front of you, including the cost of every click, the amount of traffic generated, and the number of conversions you enjoy. The data allows you to easily calculate your ROI and fine-tune your PPC campaign as requested. All Campaigns are Customizable, as a result, you can easily customize your campaign and exclude traffic that doesn’t meet your expectations.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key to boost a site`s visibility in organic (unpaid) search results and pertinent visitors to site. SEO is the matter of your business success. SEO still remains on market. All that is possible thanks to a changed Google`s algorithm which is only evolved and remained SEO as an inalienable part of online marketing strategy of every business. Engine increases number of online sales thanks to a less cost of purchases. Also, it helps to raise your visibility in unpaid search results which stand for people who decided to find quality products and services. SEO actually bring you buyers, but not the visitors. With the quality SEO services that have high return on investment (ROI), your project will become more effective and ready for long-term growth with more profit margins.


Social Media Marketing

Most people consider SMM or social media marketing a sales channel, but its role is much more important. Social networks are the perfect platforms for building a loyal audience for your brand, and you cannot overlook their importance for your business. Social networks allow you to stay in touch with your customers and inspire them to make new purchases. Apart from that, your offers and deals go viral, engaging new customers to follow your brand. SMM helps you to have a close dialog with your audience and receive instant feedback.


Setting Web analytics

The use of Web analytics allows to attract more visitors, reach new customers of goods or services, and increase the income. The analysis includes determining the eye-catching features that lure customer to access the website again and to proceed the next purchase. Moreover, it personalizes a customers who visits it repeatedly, monitors the amount of purchases made by individual or by specific groups of customers. Besides it includes observing the geographic regions of the recent and frequent users activity, as well as investigating preferences and requirements. It is essential to understand your customers, see the complete picture of your brand managing throughout any digital channel at any time, have related data in one place. Keep in mind that properly set web analytics on your social or mobile version of the website will help you to profit with managing your marketing and obtaining new experience for work with your customers.


UI/UX design

If you want a visitor of your website to turn into a customer, forget about heavy text articles unless you are an informative kind of website. A website should be easy understandable and user-friendly. Every page should give an easy access to the necessary information about products. Do not lose a great part of potential users making it wrong. Draw the greatest attention to UI/UX design, especially for eCommerce websites as they have multiple stages to complete leading to the sale. Unnecessary fields and too much required information during the checkout process will lead to the great loss of customers too. User experience is also important for organic rankings as Google pays attention to bounce rate and behavioral signals. With poor user experience a visitor leaves your site quickly impacting your bounce rate.



This type of work provides a boosting your results from online marketing process. Let your digital marketing get to the next level by developing your digital strategy and implementing specific approaches to reach customers and to increase the number of leads and sales. Our consultants are always ready to be in touch with you regarding any issue. They gained professional experience across Agency, B2B, Charity, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Pharma, Small business and publishing/membership. Our membership offers a fundamental structure and valuable know-how on digital marketing for building and sharing with business units all around the world. We assist with resolving any urgent cases that may arouse during the collaboration.