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Pay Per Click Management

PPC management is one of the most impressive tools for your resource to achieve the targeted audience. Will it impact your business results and gain success? Undoubtedly! The advanced strategies evolving for each project separately and the usability of all tools allow to engage the potential clients and enjoy all features to become real.

Search Engine Optimisation

The main requirement of your brand, services, and goods promotion is obtaining the top positions in search engine query. Our principal mission is to provide direct traffic and create interest of the targeted audience. That is why we have the lowest refusal rate on our promoted websites. We do not spoil resources with underhanded approaches of promotion. Consequently, you receive quick and professional qualitative internal as well as external optimization of your websites.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the fundamental part of modern society. People used to waste nights and days online to extract the necessary information exactly from there. By all means, the correct positioning helps to implement essential contact with potential client, generate sales, increase brand recognition, and establish markets and needs. We know how to form trustful relations and accomplish suitable offers.

Setting Web analytics

Setting a performance metrics - is the vital step to see how users do shopping and collaborate with each other. Web-analytic tools for your online-marketing will help you to avoid further doubts and assumptions. You cannot rule by what cannot be measured. Our task – to provide our clients with correctly set up analytics tools for your estimation of the efficiency of communication with a user. As a result, you will profit with the developing your business on the Web.

UI/UX design

A website usability is responsible for convenient integration between user and your project. Insufficiently considered navigation elements or menu, small-sized and unnoticeable control buttons or broken links are the "tricky things" that can ruin a company image and make your product much more expensive for promotion on Web. We are ready for any kind of troubleshooting as well as solving the most sophisticated issues of usability, not noticed before during the build up process and upgrade your website to the effective unit of relations with targeted audience.


No idea what to start with? It is a pleasure for us to be a guide for a client in his successful way of achieving the business’ top. Our specialists will keep a complete audit of your website and will encourage you with new horizons for better rates as far as perfection knows no limit. Our world is tremendously big, and the area of influence is far beyond your country. Scale new heights with us!

Client reviews

  • Valeriy Litvinov


    C4Media are cool SEM experts and really good guys. We have been working with them for 12 months, and every day we generate thousands of sales for the valued customers of our incubator!

  • Tatyana Mikisha

    Marketing Specialist

    I was looking for a company to manage the contextual advertising of Google and I wanted to be sure that my budget will not be merged. I found C4 Media. Their team impressed me with a rare combination of professional qualities in Ukrainian market. Namely, respect and responsibility, the ability to investigate the partner’s business as their own, clear understanding the requirements, achievement of goals and result in short terms; fast troubleshooting; clear and understandable reporting. During the year of collaboration, we have achieved a huge sales rise without increasing the advertising budget. Hence, in my opinion, C4 Media are real professionals in their sphere.


    USA client

    Company Name has been quite helpful to us in terms of SEM strategy, PPC campaign management. We’re impressed by the proficiency of the PPC specialists. Our account manager is always responsive to emails and skype questions, provides timely reporting. We would definitely recommend this agency as high-end experts for your Digital marketing goals.

Why Us

We are the team of professionals in digital marketing area. We pursue the constantly creating innovations to evolve them into practical and successful approaches for your business. Apart from that, we use reliable techniques and methods to reduce costs.

Experience of foreign collaboration

The unstoppable collaboration with foreign markets and various projects in different languages, inspire us to develop our strategy for achieving the international standards. Moreover, our team can be adjusted to the specificities of each region. Apart from integrating our foreign experience to projects we are engaged in detailed analysis and verification within practical approach. Besides, our team involve new technologies, hence, help your business to set the bar high.

Individual and combined solutions

We focus on the overall performance of the work but not on general indicators of every effort separately. As you may guess, it is absolutely impossible to do that without proper investigating the client's business area. Therefore, we constantly communicate with a client during all stages of our work: from detailed planning to the performance analysis.

Goal-directed Strategies

We are passionately interested in success of your project as our profit depends on your income. That is why, while working with websites, we do our best to provide your clients a comfortable guidance for shopping, calls, menu and sections navigation. Our team creates qualitative and useful content, prepare and accomplish testing and metrics fixing, and constantly generate new ideas for maintaining a website.

In tune with digital marketing innovations

Digital marketing develops extremely. New tools, software, improvement of methods appear each day. Our team handles with up-to-date progress techniques and participates in international seminars and webinars to exchange skills and experience with foreign specialists. We use only the newest verified methods for your business growth.

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Сертифицированные специалисты Google Analytics

Сертифицированные специалисты Google Adwords

Accredited Professional - Bing Ads

Marin Certified Search Certified Specialist

Premier Google Partner

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